Sunday, June 08, 2008

Microsoft Japan Unveiling Even More JRPGs for the Xbox 360 This Tuesday

Microsoft is having a press conference this Tuesday to talk about their lineup of JRPGs:


"It's been a while since I've written one of these types of blogs. But yeah, I'm off to Japan for over a week to do that thing I do. What am I going to see? Well, the only thing I can disclose right now is that Microsoft is having a press conference in Shibuya next Tuesday, to show off its line-up of role-playing games. Yeah, on Xbox 360. Go figure. At least two of those will be
Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery, but they apparently have some surprises up their sleeve."

There's speculation that the new RPGs will be Cry On and Star Ocean 4. The SO4 rumor has been around for a long time; it would be an important victory for Microsoft if this rumor turned out to be true.

While I'm not sure if more JRPGs will improve sales for the Xbox 360 in Japan, it will improve its reputation for game diversity in the countries where the game console is successful. This is likely the message Microsoft uses when speaking with Japanese developers, and it is true: the market for video games outside of Japan continues to grow with each passing year, and they shouldn't pass up the opportunity to have access to that market, which has embraced the Xbox 360 wholeheartedly.

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