Tuesday, April 01, 2008

SONY FANBOYS, if you want to earn some respect, start acting like you deserve it!

A recent invasion on the Pinoyxbox forums from Sony fanboys:


Some of the trolling posts are written in Filipino, my native language. Yes, the "Sony Fanboy" trolling phenomenon isn't something that's limited to gamers from the First World. Even gamers from the Third World do it too. And let me tell the people from outside the Philippines something that's even more fascinating: Some of these Sony die hards don't even OWN a Playstation 3! They're only defending the PS3 because their previous system was a Playstation 2, and most of them had shelves upon shelves of PIRATED Playstation 2 games. So yes, they're even more insane than American Sony fanboys, European Sony fanboys, or the Japanese Sony fanboys....they justify their game system of choice and they DON'T EVEN OWN IT. Good grief!

Honestly I don't understand what exactly is the mindset with Sony fanboys that they enjoy causing carnage like this. If they want their points to be heard (regarding their crazed worship for their game system of choice), resorting to immature behavior on messageboards is not the answer.

I think it's simply hard for them to accept that Sony did make some mistakes with the Playstation 3, and when Xbox players point those out, their feelings get hurt so easily and then they resort to flaming, name-calling and whatever other childish tactics.

While I hate to see stuff like this on the 'board, quite frankly I'm not surprised anymore. Sony fanboys have always exhibited this kind of crazed zeal that I'll never fully comprehend. And it's all for a gaming console. Sheesh....it's pathetic, really.