Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV: Win 500 Microsoft Points! (Extended)

For gamers eagerly anticipating GTAIV in Asia, there's a promotion right now which can net you 500 Microsoft Points for FREE! If you already registered for this promotion but haven't been able to play on launch day, the good news is that the promo has been extended:

"UPDATE: Registration for the promo is closed but for those who have registered all you need to do now is play GTA IV on Xbox LIVE on launch day (now extended to before 5th May) to get a chance to win 500 Microsoft Points!

The much awaited sequel for Grand Theft Auto is coming to Asian XBOX 360 owners on April 29, 2008. Currently Microsoft Singapore is running a promotion for XBOX 360 owners with gamer tags registered to Hong Kong, Taiwan or Singapore wherein you can obtain 500 MS points by simply playing GTA 4 on its launch date! What are you waiting for? Grab those points so you can download the upcoming exclusive DLC for GTA4 on the XBOX 360!

Eligibility Requirements:

This promotion is only open to valid Xbox LIVE accounts registered in the following locales: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore

You must register your gamertag between March 20, 2008, and April 20, 2008 on (NOTE: You must register on this web site using the same Xbox LIVE gamertag that you will use to play GTA IV on the Xbox LIVE service). Please be sure that your Xbox LIVE account membership information including e-mail address, mailing address and phone is correct and current.)

On the launch day of GTA IV, you must log onto Xbox LIVE and play GTA IV."

As for the lack of GTAIV coverage here on Third World Gamer, to be honest, the game has been hyped all over the web these past few days. If you're a gamer, you just can't escape the GTAIV craziness online. The game just got 10s in every major review site and it has ads plastered all over the place. The moment you start commenting on GTAIV, you're effectively advertising it (regardless of what kind of comments you're giving, positive or negative). See, I just did the same thing (Now, will Rockstar send me a cheque? Oops, not officially supported...)

I figured, why add even more noise for the game? I guess I posted about this promo because it might be more relevant for gamers in Asia. It's free points! Maybe you can even use it to buy the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive DLC, which is rumored to be out during the summer season in the United States (by around June 2008).


  1. I would consider the Asian region the silent winners (lucky bastards) to getting this game... its both ntsc-j and PAL compatible (sorry america lol, both UK and Australia will be happier) and plus it is FREAKING cheap, I haven't stressed the word "cheap" enough, the day it was launched I ordered mine from HK for around 54 USD, and that will be packaged nicely and sent to my mailbox, its one of those moments where we can rejoice and gladly say the Americans are at a disadvantage at the moment lol (higher rrp for them plus they can't import ntsc-j versions)....good times =D

  2. Wow, really? That's good news. I suppose having the PAL compatibility for the Asian version also helps with the game's resale value (if you plan on selling it later on, you can sell it to a PAL user or an NTSC-J user).

    The cheaper game prices thing has been an advantage for Asian Xbox 360 users for a while now. I hope that never changes for the Asian region :D

  3. This sucks, I haven't got my 500 points yet.