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Getting ready to rock!!!

Do you believe in fate?

A couple of days ago, I had this weird dream wherein I was playing Rockband with my brother and he was whining since he kept on resurrecting me since I was failing with the guitar. The dream was so vivid that the moment I woke up, I actually thought of getting out of bed just to play the game.


Unfortunately, Rockband is not available in Asia with no release date given. A few months ago EA Singapore had a countdown in their official site for Rockband which was supposed to end sometime in March but now that clock has been reset and it isn't about to end anytime soon. Fellow XBOX 360 gamers from Singapore narrate that most stores in SG doesn't seem to have information regarding Rockband with rumors that they will be selling the game but not the instruments?!?

It is with that small dream that our quest for Rockband has reached its peak. Ever since we played the game in the PinoyXBOX Grand EB 2007, we wanted to have one for ourselves. Me and my husband love playing games together. We played Halo 3 and Gears of War cooperatively and we are both fans of Guitar Hero. My brother loves Guitar Hero and keeps tabs on Rockband in hopes that he will be able to play it before his summer vacation ends. Chances are he will end up camping at our place more often when Rockband comes out.

Since Rockband is a very big package the local importers sell this game for a hefty price tag. And because the game is region locked, one will need a US console to play it. Those two things were our biggest stumbling blocks. As my husband mentioned, we were actually considering buying a PS3 just for this game.

On the same day that I had that dream, my husband's best friend, who happens to be a major Metal Gear Solid fan, calls him to ask for more information regarding the Blu-Ray lens problems and the other update problems for the PS3. His concern made us a little worried with the whole PS3 thing. My husband and I understand that even if we have a PS3 our main gaming machine will still be the XBOX 360 and we are worried that the machine will just gather dust on the side which might cause it to break. Other than that a lot of negative press regarding the PS3 hardware was starting to surface. My husband and I have been through several broken XBOX 360 (Xenon models from 2005-2006) breakdowns, we don't want another one for the PS3.

So I pleaded with my husband to go to this surplus store one last time just to check if Rockband was available. I was kidding around with him that if the PS3 version of Rockband was there, that's the sign that we needed to get a PS3. For the last couple of weeks, I was like a madwoman going to that store when we happened to pass by the area...but every time I went, there was no complete Rockband set to be found. The only one left was the same box without the drum kit... And what is Rockband without the drums????

On that day, I entered the store and....alas no Rockband. Dejectedly we just looked through the other merchandise and a 2nd had copy of Guitar Hero 3 for the XBOX 360 with the wireless guitar was being sold. We grabbed that package before anyone else took it since we loved the wireless guitar that my brother owns. However when we opened the package we saw that the CD had an obvious scratch. My husband asked the sales lady there if they can just replace the disk or get a discount. I jokingly said maybe they can replace the disk with the Rockband disk from the incomplete package. Then at that moment, the sales lady gave me this funny look.... She mentioned that she couldn't do that since the game was part of a complete package WHICH JUST ARRIVED!

I turned to look at the direction she was pointing at and LO AND BEHOLD....some store guy was carrying in two boxes of the Rockband Special Edition for the XBOX 360! COMPLETE!!! AND AT A GREAT PRICE!!! I rushed to that area as fast as I can and secured one box for us. I was so darn happy that the sales lady probably laughed at me since I was jumping up and down like a nutcase!

We went back home with gigantic grins on our faces to complement the gigantic Rockband package and the Guitar Hero 3 that we also decided to purchase. We knew that there are risks when it comes to buying second hand items so we downloaded 'Boom Boom Rocket' from XBOX Live Arcade to test out the Guitar and the Drum controllers for Rockand. We were so happy when both instruments actually worked!


After that we that we had a Rockband set all that's left is getting a US XBOX 360. Thanks to some of the PinoyXBOX members we ordered a Falcon Arcade bundle at a pretty good price too!

I know this was too good to believe...but it happened! I cannot believe my luck on that day! I was so happy that I kept on sending God prayers of thanks for my advanced birthday present. Was it fate? Who knows... But we came from wanting to buy a PS3 to getting another XBOX 360 just to play Rockband. I would have considered myself crazy had it not been the luck that we had on that day.

In a few weeks, our US console should arrive and it's time to rock!

NOTE: If you want to know what surplus store I'm talking about. Well the store name's start with an 'H' and ends with an 'R'. There's also a discussion thread about this store in PinoyXBOX so check it out!

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