Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pinoy Gamers TV Show at the PinoyXBOX Grand EB (Video)

Here's video from the Pinoy Gamers episode this week where the show covered the PinoyXbox/Pinoy-N Grand EB and Christmas Party:


  1. I need to join those EB meets soon, i'm a new member but i don't know i really want to meet some people from pxbox! xD

    but then again i can't brag about my games, since most of them are P** (original ones i have are from gamehopper) And now that i learned the way of burning my own games i'll probably laughed at an EB

  2. Pinoyxbox is a really warm and friendly community of console gamers. I don't think you'll get laughed at for having p* [pirated] games.

    Let's face it: in the Philippines a lot of gamers started out with pirated games because of the lack of official support from game console manufacturers, so it's really hard to just blame anyone here in our country for supporting piracy when they start out with the video gaming hobby. There's no official support from Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft, so there's no legitimate source to buy games from. There may be a 'grey market' of game sellers but they aren't really able to penetrate the mainstream market, and without official support it's hard for them to market their original game products to consumers [so there's a lack of information in the Philippines about what original games are all about and why people should support them]. That's just the reality of the situation in the Philippines. Personally I don't condone piracy but I don't condemn any Filipino in the Philippines who has opted for it, that's just wrong and unfair considering how things are in our country when it comes to the protection of intellectual property rights....there are a lot of other issues that make it difficult for gamers to have access to legitimate games here, and I think a lot of people on Pinoyxbox understand that. So don't worry, I don't think the PXB people will judge you negatively for having p* games.

    Again, yes, I know you mentioned to me in one thread on PXB that you're one of the members on the forum; feel free to join us in our events! The more, the merrier :D And it's really fun to meet other people who enjoy the same hobby and understand the same 'gamer language' :D Jump in!


    On that note, Pinoy Gamers is doing a great thing by endorsing original/legitimate console gaming on their show. I think that's a step in the right direction in terms of educating Filipinos here in the Philippines about the value of original console games, and who knows, maybe this is a good start towards showing game console makers Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo that there is a market for their game products here.

  3. WOW big time! Ganon din kaya sa PPSX?