Monday, October 08, 2012

Resident Evil 6: To Capcom -- comments from an actual gamer

I'll keep it short and sweet because I have a day job and I don't have much time. That said, I think Capcom needs to know what they did RIGHT and what they did WRONG in this game.

First off, Capcom, this game is not as horrible as the review sites say. I'm playing this at the same pace as every normal human being is, and I'm not rushing through it like a reviewer does. I'm not getting annoyed at little things though some things are worth mentioning for your next project to be better.

So listen to me, and ignore Gamespot, if you want to make more money.

- The camera. Guys, this really needs work. It's just too close. Compare it to Gears of Wars's camera....that one is just perfect. Some things i found odd is when you turn your character you can end up looking at your character's face/front. I think this is the problem. The camera should work in such a way that if you turn left to right, you should still be looking at your characters' back. That way, it's less confusing for the players.

Yeah yeah, I know you want people to see your ZOMG awesome 3D models. But we have the CUTSCENES for those. Don't bother with that during gameplay. Focus on making the game actually PLAYABLE or at least make the game easier for players to enjoy.

- the gunplay. I don't know why my headshots are missing! There is a certain degree of 'lag' where your shots dont land where you expect them to. I'm getting this on the Xbox 360 version, which is clearly superior to the PS3 version in terms of graphics. And given all the specs of the 360 this console should be able to handle the speed of the action better.

Yeah i suppose this was made to force players to equip 'lock on' skills but seriously....when you play it the first time it feels like a BUG and not a feature.

Both those points are the only complaints I have...oh wait, last thing

- Leon's story - you guys did not do a good job explaining the point of Helena's character, at least in this campaign. When it ends she feels like just some extra partner that Leon stumbled upon, her character is practically non-existent. Which is a waste, with all the stuff that was set up with her sister. There was just no good explanation for it.

I think this advice goes for every other game and not just RE6:


But other than that, I like your game. I don't think your game deserves to be bashed so much by other players or reviewers. I can see the effort and I did have a great time with it, throughout Leon's campaign so far, anyway.

- The action was incredible, and really epic.
- The cutscenes were enjoyable to watch
- The setpieces were good, some of the boss fights were really good in terms of mechanics/what you had to do
- The locations were OK
- What happens in the game like China getting hit with a bioweapon was really spectacular in terms of the timing of it.

So yeah, it's a good game. So far I'd score your game 7.6 / 10. It would have had 2 more points if the camera and the gunplay was fixed.