Thursday, October 11, 2012

Resident Evil 6: Thoughts on Chris Campaign

Finished the Chris campaign, here's more impressions of RE6 from my experience so far:

- The game design of having four different campaigns with different characters seems like a great idea at this point. The game just feels BIG. Nobody can complain that they finished this in 10 hours. And even if they do finish it that quickly, it just won't feel that long with the different campaigns and cutscenes to enjoy.

- A major event happens in Chris's campaign which I wish didn't happen. Let's just say that it would have been better to keep some characters alive for future iterations of the series, but hey, it's Capcom's decision in the end.

- I think the philosophy of Capcom when they make games these days is to focus on gameplay. While there's a lot of cutscenes in RE6, story-wise, the franchise literally goes nowhere. It's basically, here's your guns, now kill some monsters and enjoy. There's no focus on telling a story anymore...well i suppose this is true for a LOT of games in this generation of consoles and not just Capcom's games. Writing good story is not a strong suit for game developers even with the added tech that they have at their disposal.

- Chris's campaign feels like Capcom's answer to Gears of War; it has this military feel to it which never goes away from start to finish. If you're sick of those kinds of games you probably won't enjoy it. But for me it was nice to just kill monsters for fun.

- This game really works episodically, where you tackle one or two chapters per makes it feel like it was really worth buying. If you grind through everything I can imagine it will get tedious because there's nothing to it other than shooting and killing zombies/BOWs. But in moderate doses RE6 is a great game.

- Using the controls I mentioned in 'the missing manual', my earlier post, made the game more fun....when i got to the later levels i thought these controls made the game too easy but then I was proven wrong in one part of the i guess this simply means that all those controls in the 'missing manual' are base requirements to enjoy the game, they don't cheapen it at all.

This game is actually worth it if you like:
- non-stop action
- game length is important to you
- challenge

You won't enjoy this game if:
- you want more exploration in your horror games
- you want more story/deeper, more engaging storyline (Arguably, the characters become more interesting thanks to this game, even if nothing really happens to them! I don't know...subjective opinion on that one)
- you want RE to stay as a slow horror game with jump scares--if you have been waiting for Capcom to go back to this style of play, I don't think it's ever going to happen in the future. Just look at the direction of the movies and these recent REs; they're never going back.

Harder boss fight? Leon or Chris? --- I say Leon.

Better scenarios/levels? --- It's a tie so far. Leon's is slower but it doesn't make it better or worse. Just different, which makes the game more enjoyable.

Now on to Jake's campaign....