Thursday, October 18, 2012

Final Thoughts on RE6 (Jake, Ada)

As usual, just so busy lately so haven't been able to blog about this. I already finished the game several days ago. Overall I thought it was a great effort from Capcom, and that's saying a lot considering what happened with Street Fighter X Tekken.

- Jake - interesting character with a lot of what seemed to me were experimental ideas on gameplay. Those were generally ok but the experimental stuff may be off-putting for many, particularly the snow area and the motorcycle chase. He's a great character with a great resolution, but one thing i didn't like was all the repeated boss battles, which are recycled from Leon/Chris.

- Ada - Shorter campaign, again feels recycled through most of the other three....but in terms of story it goes somewhere (though admittedly, not very far, and nothing too risky). I like her explosive crossbow. Quick shot for easy kills with no need to aim.

What's unfortunate about Ada is they could have put more impact in her final cutscene. She just blows up a lab; nothing much there. I guess Capcom ran out of gas at that point.

I enjoyed the journey for what it was. Capcom put in a great effort. I'd raise the score to an 8.0/10 and that's the final score for it; just for the sheer volume of content this is a true sequel to the RE series. RE5 felt more like a side story---this actually goes places and involves a lot of the cast, which is nice. One twist I didn't like was SPOILER when they killed off Piers. That was wasted potential. In an interview with IGN, Capcom actually considered killing Chris. In retrospect, that may have had more impact but I suppose the board of directors at Capcom did not relish losing a key character, which is why they killed off the plucky sidekick.

He was a good guy. He'll be missed. There would have been some potential in having a character all virus-ed up and still play on the side of the BSAA...that would have made for a really cool sequel, but it seems to me that Piers is completely dead by the end of this.

*sigh* Game storylines are so frustrating at times.