Monday, January 28, 2008

We picked up LOST ODYSSEY today!

Pictured above: Servo101, Totoy Troso, Mystique QA, TeeJay, Scytherage, Yahoosoda, and Shinobi_ from PINOYXBOX.COM

Today we picked up Lost Odyssey from Pinoyxbox's Servo101 :D Met a couple of the other Pinoyxbox gamers and chatted up a bit about various things. Overall it seems everyone's really excited to give the game a shot!

A lot of the online feedback for LOST ODYSSEY has been very positive thus far, and right now I'm watching yahoosoda play it. The game looks quite impressive and well-polished. The thing that stood out for me at the start was the sounds very grand/epic and really gives the game an epic feel right from the very beginning.

To see our progress with Lost Odyssey, check the TANKBLITZER gamertag below for achievements.

Are you a Pinoy gamer who is looking for the ASIAN VERSION (ENGLISH) for Lost Odyssey? I highly recommend buying from SERVO101 from Pinoyxbox. He offers very good prices for his original titles and is also a very friendly merchant to buy from. He definitely knows his games and even plays with PXB'ers in various multiplayer games like Kingdom Under Fire or Call of Duty 4.

Click this link and try to contact him if you'd like to buy LOST ODYSSEY or other upcoming titles, like NINJA GAIDEN, DEVIL MAY CRY 4, VIRTUA FIGHTER 5 or RAINBOW SIX VEGAS 2:

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