Thursday, January 24, 2008

Anecdote(s) from NEOGAF: is Sony stuffing the channels?

To be fair, no, this isn't really a news item at all; it just piqued my curiousity as I was looking through NEOGAF. This is a forum thread entitled "Did Sony stuff the channels?":

And the thread starts with two photos from one Best Buy (that's why this isn't really news; it's more of an interesting set of pics). One is of a shelf with a lot of unsold Playstation 3's:

And the other picture is of a shelf where the same Best Buy was displaying Xbox 360s. There were only two units on the shelf and they were both Xbox 360 Arcade units (the most inexpensive SKU). The poster who took the photos insists that these were the only Xbox 360s left in the store:

Of course, in the same NEOGAF thread, bickering commences over how this one set of pictures for one store should be representative of how PS3/Xbox 360 sales are in the United States. Later on, another poster posts another picture of overstocked Playstation 3s, to further insist on the point that the damn things aren't selling in the USA:

Based on the recent December NPD figures, Sony really is far behind Microsoft in console sales; so while these pictures aren't objective nor indicative of sales in the United States, taken together with the information given by the NPD, one can see that Sony has a serious uphill battle to face against their rivals Microsoft and Nintendo.

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