Monday, January 28, 2008

Recently released RESISTANCE 2 Screens were PHOTOSHOPPED - proof here.

The original screen from Sony's site:
"Sony is reaching in their bag of dirty 'ole tricks again. Remember the Killzone 2 screenshot scandal? Well, click on the link to see another failure. (You'd think that the first set of promo screens would've actually been looked after a bit more. Oh well. )"

My opinion? Why am I NOT surprised.... they've done this before, and it always works on their own fanboys. They will do this again, and they'll keep on doing it for so long as they never get called out for it. I say to Sony fanboys---it's your responsibility to KEEP SONY HONEST. Don't let them give you false promises. Your anger shouldn't be directed to the 'Xbox fans' who found this. It should be directed at Sony for letting them deceive you time and time again.

Remember Killzone 2? Remember those videos of Tekken 6 that never looked like the actual game? I think it's about time that Sony gets called out by its own fans. Unfortunately some fans will think that it's all about overwhelming the other fanbase---when the fact is, it's all about getting better products from these game companies and not letting ourselves be deluded by their marketing.

Let's keep them honest.

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