Friday, October 19, 2007

Tragedy strikes Glorietta Mall in the Philippines :(

Not gaming related, but sad news in my country. Terrorists have attacked one of the local malls near the Central Business District.

It's really tragic that these things happen; what's worse is I believe that my government probably doesn't have a clue how to handle these kinds of situations. They're ill equipped because most of the money that was supposed to be spent protecting the people from this kind of attack is probably being pocketed away by politicians to spend on their ultra-luxurious villas and sports cars and mistresses. It's also unfortunate that these terrorists who do these kinds of attacks don't realize that what they're doing is only going to worsen the situation in this country, by bringing about instability and economic uncertainty. They're not helping the Filipino people when they do this; truly there are problems with our government but through violence they make things far worse. Terrorists simply set things back to the way they were and worsen things, and lessen opportunities for their Filipino bretheren by scaring away businesses and investments. I guess they don't care. In the end, they're simply tools of political machinery, working for the selfish ends of some other group that wants power, under the guise of whatever ridiculous ideology or fundamentalist/extremist religious belief.

What a sad day for the Philippines :( Let's pray for the unfortunate victims of this horrible tragedy, and hope that justice will be served and the ones who committed this act of violence against the Filipino people will be captured and punished.

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