Friday, October 19, 2007

The Pinoyxbox community meets with Microsoft Philippines!

At long last, the Pinoyxbox community has finally gotten the opportunity to meet with Microsoft Philippines. Thanks to Mr. Jojo Ayson, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft Philippines for meeting with us, and thanks for the food and freebies :) The official Pinoyxbox thread for the meeting is linked below:


While there was no confirmation or date given for official support for the Xbox 360, I personally think that it's a good start for the community. Here are the results of the meeting, as posted by Wuffy:



Microsoft Philippines will not support the XBOX 360 in the country anytime soon. However, they are willing to support the PinoyXBOX Community Events.

How MS Philippines can help the PinoyXBOX Community.

Note: All items/venue are subject to availability and proper authorization. We also have to give MS ample time to process our request.

* The usage of 2 XBOX 360 consoles for PinoyXBOX events (This consoles will be a donation to PXB from MS Phils ).

* The usage of MS Philippines function rooms for PXB events and EBs. (Note that some of the function rooms are equipped with 5 screen projectors.) The pic above was actually taken in the function room Sir Jojo suggested. That big white thing in the back is just one of the screen projectors available in the place Imagine playing the XBOX 360 on those things

* The usage of certain equipment such as kiosks (default kiosks not the XBOX 360 one) for events and trade shows.

What can PXB do to help MS Philippines gain official support from Redmond?

* Organize and join lots of events to keep the community growing. The bigger the event and the more press coverage we get, the better. The goal is to be able to catch the attention of Redmond so they may consider extending official support to the country.

* Forge more partnerships with companies related to gaming. (i.e. Gamehopper) It would be nice if PXB can contact Samsung Philippines and see if they are interested to help PXB at our events by providing us HDTVs to connect our XBOX 360 with.

* Have a visible / active presence at the World Cyber Games Tournament (sponsored by Samsung)

* Organize a PXB committee for events.

Additional Notes:

* Microsoft Philippines is entering into the foray of hardware devices this coming December by announcing support for Microsoft peripherals such as keyboards and mice. They will also be supporting PC games officially. There is no mention of XBOX 360 support.


Here are some pictures from the event:

(Left to Right) scytherage, kantoboy, amd2000, leomarley, Mr. Jojo Ayson, whyme and yakisoba

(Left to Right) wuffy, scytherage, kantoboy, amd2000, leomarley, Mr. Jojo Ayson and yakisoba

Jojo was kind enough to give us this Halo 2 freebie!!!

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