Monday, October 22, 2007

Playstation 3 gets Lost Planet next year

Lost Planet just lost its exclusivity status with the Xbox 360. The game is one of my favorites; I really love the mech combat and the art direction that they did with the environments and enemies :)

The Playstation 3 is getting its own version of Lost Planet next year. Unfortunately it seems the fantastic graphics from the Xbox 360 version aren't making it to the PS3. Check out the comparison pic below.

This trend has happened time and time again for the PS3. The Xbox 360 versions of the same games look better and play smoother than their PS3 counterparts. For Lost Planet it's a bit unthinkable considering Capcom was given a substantial amount of time to tweak the game for the PS3---and the above graphics are the result? Perhaps the continued argument that the PS3 is hard to develop for does hold some weight. The promised potential of the PS3 has yet to be demonstrated by any game, and as time passes, Sony loses their opportunity to win the market for this generation.

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  1. According to some PinoyPSX members who played Lost Planet, the screenshot used for the PS3 vs 360 comparison was from the PC version in low settings.