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PINOYXBOX - PINOY-N Christmas Party Grand EB Pics and Video

The PinoyXBOX / Pinoy-N Grand EB and Christmas party was held recently on December 28, 2007 at the LPL Condominium in Greenhills, with many of the members of the Pinoyxbox community in attendance. Pinoyxbox setup several 360 gaming areas and provided food and drinks for members of the community. Staff from the PINOY GAMERS show were also in attendance to cover the event for one of their episodes next year.

Here's pics from the party and a video of Pinoyxbox members enjoying ROCK BAND on the Xbox 360!

Video Coverage from the PINOY GAMERS TV SHOW, Makisig Network Channel 76:

Here's the reception desk at the venue, with yahoosoda assisting with registration. Notice the stuff in front of her? Those were all the prizes that were given away at the Grand EB to lucky attendees! A lot of people walked away with some great loot, including the HALO 3 LEGENDARY EDITION, GUITAR HERO 3, and CALL OF DUTY 4, along with other prizes like Xbox 360 Vision Cameras, controllers, and various original Xbox 360 and Xbox games donated by members and moderators in the Pinoyxbox Community. Thanks to GAMEHOPPER for donating the Halo 3 Legendary Edition and Guitar Hero 3, and to the rest of the members of PXB for making the event an amazing extravaganza of prizes :D

Around 6:00PM some members arrived early to play Rock Band on the Xbox 360. GM, the administrator of Pinoyxbox, is pictured on the right holding the Fender Stratocaster guitar for the game, with his son playing on the drums. Pictured as well from left to right are twix, poleng, wuffy, boddah, and kantoboy watching on and probably thinking, "Damn, where's the asian version of this game??" In front of kantoboy is LeoMarley, providing vocals :D

Here's a another photo from a different angle, with PXBers playing on a big-screen Sony TV.

PINOYXBOX members and moderators helped setup over 8 Xbox 360s at the gaming area. The common favorites were NBA2K8, Guitar Hero III, Virtua Fighter 5, Halo 3, and Call of Duty 4. Six of the Xbox 360s were from members who willingly volunteered to bring their consoles to make the venue more festive and give an opportunity to other attendees to enjoy various games. Two of the Xbox 360s used at the event were donations from MICROSOFT PHILIPPINES to the PinoyXBOX community. The community is very thankful to Microsoft Philippines for their support for this major event, especially to Mr. Jojo Ayson, Product Manager for Microsoft Philippines, who attended the event later in the evening.

The other equipment, like LCD monitors, speakers, etc., were also items from PXB Volunteers.

(Note: A Nintendo Wii was also brought to the event by the representatives of Pinoy-N...unfortunately I wasn't able to take a picture of it, but it was there. It took its place on the big-screen Sony TV later on when PXB moved the Xbox 360 to the HD Projector)

Later on, the community moved one Xbox 360 from the big-screen TV to an HD Projector, after setting up a white canvas screen in one area. More ROCK BAND fun to be had for all!

Here are other pics at the venue...there were lots of attendees who arrived at around 8 to 9PM.

Here's a nice pic of GM with his son...GM is the BIG BOSS of He came all the way from the USA just to join us for this big party! He was also nice enough to bring along his copy of ROCK BAND and the instruments, too :D Thanks GM!!!

As I mentioned earlier, the party was held at a function room which was at the top of the LPL Condominium in Greenhills. It had a spectacular view of the Greenhills mall below (thanks Fafa Roland for this really awesome pic!)

Later on in the night there was a ROCK BAND Major Tournament...the winners walked away with various prizes like an Xbox 360 vision cam and some other gaming related accessories.

The winner of the band tournament was a group who called themselves the "PinoyXBand"! Pictured below from left to right are band members Daizzy, Richsen, LeoMarley and Boddah:

There was also a HALO3 Major Tournament at the Grand EB where over 28 contestants vied for a major prize, a System Selector Pro. After a few hours of intense 8 player Rumble Pit action, Wuffy (Rafael) emerged victorious!

That's Wuffy before he prepares for a big Halo 3 match :D

Now we know what Master Chief looks like without his helmet.

Here's GM handing out the prize for the Halo 3 tournament to the TWO TIME PXB Halo 3 Champion. The battle was really heated and intense; I would hate to meet any of the finalists as my opponents in a Halo 3 match. Maybe if GM will put up the replay of the final match for this tournament on Xbox Live, I'll record it and upload it here soon.

Later on in the night, Guitar Hero III was given away to one lucky PXB member. That member turned out to be PXB moderator rdperalta, who won in the raffle. Check out the photo below, which perfectly captures rdperalta in his moment of glory:

Overall a lot of fun was had by everyone that attended this incredible event. Towards the end of the party (which went on well beyond 12 midnight because of all the gaming!), this group picture was taken:

Note: Why are they holding up San Miguel Sexy Calendar pictures? What's a gaming event without booth babes??? Hehehehe :D

Special thanks goes out to SpecialK and Fafa Roland from Pinoyxbox for many of the pictures used in this article.

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