Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blazblue Ranked Matches - Personal Stats

My extra 1 month free Xbox Live trial on my Xbox 360 is almost up. I'm still pondering on whether to buy a new Live card or just use up all the trials I have left. I'm saving on expenses so I just can't buy every game that comes out...the same goes for Live subscriptions. The one saving grace of the Playstation 3's online model is that it's's just too bad for the Xbox that it doesn't look like Microsoft is going to change their Xbox Live multiplayer policy anytime soon (A paid, gold subscription is required to play online for the Xbox 360....) :(

That said, I've been using my XBL trial account for Blazblue (almost) exclusively for the past 30 days, accumulating more than 500 total matches on my Blazblue Drive Card, and getting on the top 100 Jin players for the month on Ranked Match play. I'm still enjoying this fighting game a lot. I love how each match never gets predictable, and when you change tactics and style it really forces your opponent to think and adapt quickly. Great game.



Forza Motorsport 3 is coming in about a month. I'm dying to try out the demo which will be released on Sept. 24! That game looks extremely promising and well worth it. It looks to be a great demonstration of what the Xbox 360 is truly capable of. Until then, I'll be playing Ranked Matches in Blazblue, with the occassional game of 'Beatles Rock Band' thrown in for good measure....

Speaking of which, I've pondered on writing about Beatles Rock Band but, I just haven't had the time to write my impressions on it. All I'll say is that, it's a great way to experience the Beatles' music, and worth purchasing if only because it marks a momentous occasion in video gaming of those few points when mainstream pop culture converges with interest in the unique and niche hobby of video gaming. Have the game on your shelf...the release of the game is clearly an important milestone in gaming history.

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