Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why No Updates?

It's a very SLOW time in console gaming these days. No major announcements, and not many interesting things to write about....

Sure, there's the PS3 Slim news leaks that we keep hearing about in the gaming press but to be honest, how is that news? And how is it interesting? It's a Playstation 3 in a new form factor.....regardless of whatever shape or form it may arrive, it's a PS3, we've already seen and played it, and I think it's only really news to the ones who haven't bought one yet. I don't really consider it a type of new or interesting technology. Yeah I've posted about that leaked PS3 Slim here in the Philippines, definitely that's interesting for what it unsupported country getting first dibs on unreleased technology, sure....but that news was last week's news. Lately I've been visiting NEOGAF and there isn't anything really huge to write about. (just the usual fanboy wars and sales armchair-analysis threads....)

The PS3 Slim will probably make headlines if it gets the [inevitable] price drop. But what makes me more excited is real gaming news --- news on new titles coming for consoles, and news on games that many gamers are anticipating that finally get announced. With regard to new games, I don't write about every single new game----I just write about those games that catch my fancy. And another thing I write about is anything related to console gaming here in the Philippines, which [sadly] continues to be unsupported by the major players in the console business.

All the big games are coming out some time in late September and October, onwards. You've got Tekken, Forza, Halo, Call of Duty and the rest....those are going to be huge games which will get great sales and I'm sure everyone's looking forward to them. But for now, we're in the drought season for console gaming; and this time, it's best to make the most of the triple-A class games that we already own right now.

Back to a few more rounds of Score Attack in Blazblue....

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