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Tips for Finishing Score Attack Mode (Sorry...Jin Kisaragi players only...)

Tips for Score Attack (Jin only....I haven't spent a lot of time with the other characters, though I am considering learning Bang or Litchi)

Useful block string for all the 'hard' characters:

2A (x3 max), 5B, 5C, 5D (somehow this baits them to try attacking, thus turning 5D into a counter). After 5D, use the combo / follow-up of your choice (in my case it's 6A->dash cancel->5C->super jump cancel->air combo) In a normal match 5D is a bit slow so this only works on Score Attack AI.

1. Unlimited Rachel

- if you start the match with an ice car, use the B version since it's slightly faster.

- if you don't start the match with an ice car, jump back, block the first lightning strike, and then use instant air dash to get in close.

- if rachel calls down a frog, try to get to the side AWAY from the frog, either by jumping + dashing or ice car C.

- when your meter hits 50, use the C distortion drive attack.

- if you get in close, use the block string specified above.

2. Hakumen - I found this character a bit easier, it's easy to catch him with 5D then proceed with the combo, and when he does his distortion drive it's easy to go for the barrier block.

3. V-13 - when the round starts, jump over v-13's head (just the regular jump) and press D to freeze her while you're floating directly on top of her. There's a 75% chance you will freeze her. When you land, do ice car B or C. You can repeat this 'pattern' but after a few times she may dash away, in which case you have to chase her down with ice car.

Fight V-13 the same way you would Unlimited Rachel, always get in close and do the block string I posted. The hard part would be if you end up on the opposite end of the screen, in which case the only option, really, is to be patient and block everything (use standing block more often). When she says 'Opening rift...', which summons a shorter circular blade on the bottom of the screen, use ice car. The ice car will fly over the circular blade, thus getting you in-close.

Again, use the block string I specified to keep the pressure.

4. Unlimited Ragna - Now this is where none of the above tips work. The only tip I can give is start the match with the dragon punch (F,D,DF) + C move, which is an upwards slash with invincible frames. There is a 50/50 chance that Ragna's first strike is a slash where he hops forward; if you do the DP+C move, you'll nail him and have him flying. Follow up with an instant air dash + B + C....and then from that point on, just give it your best shot.

Unlimited Ragna is very very hard, because every time he does get matter how defensive you've been for an entire round, all he needs is one carnage scissors to get back all the life that he's lost. He heals himself with certain kinds of strikes, and carnage scissors is what gives him the most health back. I guess the best tip here is, while fighting, watch Ragna's meter. If he is at 50, start running away or playing more defensively. Don't get in close when U.Ragna's meter is 50. If there's no way to avoid that and you're right up in Ragna's face, be ready to barrier block if you see the Carnage Scissors coming.

Unlimited Ragna has the very nasty habit of canceling your strike into his carnage scissors. For example, with Jin if you use 5D and he has meter, he will definitely use carnage scissors and you will have no way of blocking it. It's even worse if he uses that other attack which does 70 damage (I forgot what it's called). That one cannot be blocked if you're close since I think the game considers it a throw. The only instance I was able to stop it is when I luckily was pressing 2A during the startup animation of the 70 hit combo. Somehow 2A can stop that.

Another thing that U.Ragna does is confuse you with aerial dashing; if he is in the air he will dash forward and back very, very fast, much like taokaka or bang, and it becomes hard to react.

The block string I've posted also works on Ragna, but again, watch his meter. Once it is on 50, do NOT use the block string, and try to go for safer attacks (hit him when he's recovering from infernal divider or his flying forward punch "I'll never forgive you!" move).

When you do have meter, use it, don't wait for it to go beyond 50, start finding a spot to safely execute the move. Sometimes the AI won't block the distortion drive. With a human opponent, this strategy won't work, but with the AI, it does....The safest distortion to use is the C one since it has a very fast startup and you can do it from practically everywhere (just don't do it when you're both in the does less damage for some reason...)

I've only been able to beat Score Attack exactly once. I tried again today and it was still quite hard to get through U.Ragna. It is good practice for refining one's combos, and I like the fact that I don't have to deal with online lag.

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