Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ace Combat 6 finished - GREAT GAME! :D

Just finished Ace Combat 6, man, what an awesome game. Just epic from start to finish. I don't recall any flight simulator (yes, I know AC6 isn't a sim) that had this much intensity, action, and excitement. I really enjoyed the experience of playing this game, and highly recommend it to everyone who has even thought of what it might be like to pilot a jet fighter against swarms of foes over land, air, and sea.....

I'll still continue to play this for the other modes (Hard and Expert) and so I can get all the planes and medals. Note that the Ace of Aces mode is visible in the game but you can't select it---I read on Namco's Ace Combat forums that that mode will be available later on as downloadable content. I just hope it's free content.....

But I won't let that thought ruin my exhilirating experience with the game. The game is great as it is. Buy it!!!! (Note: This game is REGION FREE, I have the US version and I'm able to play it on my Asian Xbox 360)


  1. Hi there!

    Great blog!!

    Glad to see someone form the Philippines who's also an Xbox360 fan.

    Ayways, just curious - you said in a few previous posts that you bought PGR4. Did you buy the Us or the Asian one? And also is it region-free? I've got a Japanese Xbox360 also and I was also wondering aside from DataBlitz, where do you get your games?

    I'm looking for the Asian ver of Eternal Sonata. Can't seem to find a copy anywhere - baka may idea ka san maka-bili. Thanks! :)

  2. I bought the Asian one. The asian version of PGR4 is region free. :D Aside from Data Blitz I also get games from, or from pinoyxbox's buy/sell forums. Here's some links to some sellers there:

    Uberlokal's Game Sales thread, currently offering Assassin's Creed


    Servo101's Game Sales thread, currently offering Mass Effect

    If you're running short on cash, I highly recommend GAMEHOPPER, they're a great local game rental service with a wide selection here in the Philippines.

    Gamehopper Game Rental Service

    As for Eternal Sonata, the english version of that game is currently for sale at Play-Asia; make sure to get the Asian version and check if it has ENGLISH as one of its languages. There are two ASIAN versions of Eternal Sonata; make sure the one you pick is the Asian version with English.

    Lastly, if you want to have more Pinoy friends on your Xbox Live friends list, join us at Pinoyxbox! We'll be having a major event this holiday season with major prizes for lucky Xbox 360 gamers :D

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