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For Honor: Incredible game! Writing this to the devs

For Honor is an incredible multiplayer game. It really feels like a whole new concept, and for the first time we're seeing an actual NEW IDEA for fighting games. And it's coming from Western developers Ubisoft.

There's a lot of great stuff in For Honor and I'm sure a lot of other bloggers/Youtubers have already covered them. I'm just going to write some constructive feedback for the devs so that maybe they can make the game even better than it already is....because by itself, it's a really, really good game. And, I have to say this again  - IT'S A GREAT FIGHTING GAME!


1) Please fix the disconnection bugs. If you can convince Ubisoft to switch to dedicated servers, that will really help this game keep its player base. Granted the P2P system you have is already quite good and generally works. But occasionally I still get disconnections and very odd glitches which I'm sure a lot of fans have already told you about (like the 'Requirements not met' bug which required me to restart the game entirely).

2) After a match, please let my group leave the randoms I'm with, and begin matchmaking on the next game immediately. Don't make me click READY or QUIT TO WORLD MAP, just start looking for the next game. 

3) While matchmaking, the user should be able to adjust their heroes' equipment.

4) Can we save several 'builds' of heroes and label them (for example, a 'stamina' build, a 'revenge' build, etc.?)

5) Duel replays - Fighting games already have this. I think For Honor will really benefit from this too. It's probably a big thing to program, though....but just throwing that out there in case you guys have thought of it already.

6) Match replays - probably even bigger than item #5 so I'm not keeping my hopes up.

7) It's easy to get confused on what team you're on when you're in a game. I have to keep reminding myself "I'm on orange!" or "I'm on blue!". There must be some way to fix the UI so it's clear what team you're on. 

8) Is it possible to do the same thing in other fighting games where you record your opponent AI to do something over and over, then you can practice with that? For example, could you make your opponent do a mix of guard breaks and attacks and just practice how to counter/parry those same things over and over?

9) Have a version of Duel where your equipment matters? It seems the default version makes all your gear just cosmetic so the special properties on them don't apply (not sure though).

10) A better training mode for characters which doesn't involve just watching the videos - take the example of games like Virtua Fighter 5 which walk you through doing a move instead of making you just watch it.

11) How to deal with 2v1, 3v1 and 4v1? It's really difficult and the game turns into a button mashing fest when that happens. There must be some way to balance it out or add better gameplay for these moments. Maybe the controls become a bit different or maybe you can push a button and the defense system changes for handling big groups like that.

Things I absolutely adore:

1) Duel mode AI - Amazing achievement on this! So fun to fight them and great to learn characters this way, without the hassles of fighting super pros online right away. Please keep this in the next game!

2) Practice modes - really great way to learn the game.

3) Parry/block/guard break system - Fantastic!

4) Stance system

5) 'Revenge' mode

6) The detail work on everything is insane. It's just a beautiful game to look at!

7) The animation work is top notch!

8) How the game can easily shift between 1v1 to 4v4 or other crazy scenarios and still have smooth controls and gameplay, just like a fighting game. 

Wish list:

1)  Copy Gears of War's 'Horde' mode, where you have to hold a fort from invading AI forces.Heck you could make more than 4 players team up for it

2) Add more factions (though maybe this is for For Honor 2)
- Spartans
- Persians
- Egyptians
- Greeks
- Mongols
- Chinese
- Barbarians
- Aztecs?

3) Story Mode - what is in the game isn't bad. I hope it will not be forgotten for For Honor 2. And always remember how not having a good story mode didn't really help out another famous fighting game, Street Fighter 5. I appreciate that a story / single player mode was put in the game. 

4) Practice mode while matchmaking - basically let the player do something while waiting for their game to start, whether that's managing their equipment or just doing parry/guard break practice. 

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