Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Titanfall 2 Review

"Press LB to time travel".

I'll never forget seeing that on my screen the first time. I was half expecting the usual FPS level (abandoned science lab....search for ancient artifact...). But I didn't see enough previews of Titanfall 2 to even expect THAT from the game when i was playing it.

Titanfall 2. Where to begin. I don't really have a great relationship with this particular game in the beginning. The developers of the game, Respawn Entertainment, had conducted a 'tech test' a few months back. While I enjoyed the first game, Titanfall 1....trying out the tech test had given me immense doubts on whether the developers understand what made the first game so good.

A few days after T2 got released, there was a lot of buzz on the internet about its campaign and its multiplayer mode. Initially I brushed these off as the usual paid shills on the internet doing marketing for the game....but eventually the opportunity arose to try it again, and I don't regret taking it to this day. If there's anything I do regret, it's playing on the tech test. This was really supposed to be a Day One purchase for me, and I missed out on that first day experience.

Titanfall 2 is a phenomenal game. The single player is really well paced, with creative level designs which you don't expect from something which appears to be a sci-fi military shooter. A lot of comparison has been made with games like Half-life and Portal, and you'd only understand this comparison after playing the game. It wouldn't be fair to just write on every single interesting tidbit from the single player game and spoil it all....I would just recommend this game highly and advise you to trust me, it's really as good as everyone says it is.

Multiplayer - I've been playing it for weeks now and it is far removed from the tech test experience i had previously. The action is back to its chaotic, frenetic pacing from the first game. Some things were revised like the way rodeo-ing a Titan is handled, or how your Titan doesn't get a shield by default...but after more play sessions I can see why they did it that way. They did give your Titan a way to 'repair' itself in this version of Titanfall, and that's why they introduced the new mechanics (you can get a battery to add a shield to your titan, or increase its health a bit). Overall I really, really like how fast this game is, and I ABSOLUTELY love the network code. It's the shining crown jewel of this game and I can attest to it. At almost 200-250ms ping here in the Philippines, on Xbox One, I can get first, second, or third on the scoreboard in Attrition. I can't manage that in other shooters but in Titanfall 1 and in Titanfall 2, the netcode is just so good that even with my very slow third world connection (5 mbps down, 0.5 mbps up) i can do really well on the scoreboard. It's just a really smooth online game, and I haven't played many other games that feel as great as this one.

Overall - this game is one of the games of this year, just one of the best, and i think great work like this should be supported by other players. Buy this game!

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