Thursday, June 20, 2013

XBOX ONE IS BACK IN THE GAME! Microsoft REVERSES all the policies that CUSTOMERS hated!

In summary:

- "Always online" requirement removed
- Region locking DISABLED (all games will work on all consoles regardless of regions)
- Game sharing/trading will work again

Gamers made a lot of noise and it made a difference! That's unprecedented and has never happened before, and I never thought it would especially with Microsoft.

Posted this on NEOGAF and will repost it here again, in appreciation of Microsoft's gesture:


I know Microsoft reads on GAF so I might as well put this here.

Thank you Microsoft for listening to all the feedback. As a gamer in the Philippines and part of an Xbox community here, we were all 100% upset with all those policies, particularly the country locking "feature". I just woke up today and all of this sounds like a miracle. I am very pleased with this news and look forward to playing on the Xbox One. All the best exclusives seem to be on your system so it was really heartbreaking originally to hear that there were so many restrictions.

So yeah, I'm really happy about this. It's probably the first time I witnessed in the gaming universe the ENTIRE gaming world (journalists, consumers, maybe even some devs? I dunno) literally pushed Microsoft into DOING THE RIGHT THING.

Once again, Microsoft I really appreciate this. Will buy your system now when it releases.


Oh, and NO MORE REGION LOCKING! That's a BIG win for us outside the USA/unsupported regions!