Thursday, April 04, 2013

Bioshock Infinite: Game of the Year? Are you sure?

I think I'm at the halfway mark. The whole time I'm waiting for "that moment" when this game will click, or when it will make me realize, hey, this is actually good.

That moment hasn't really happened yet.

So yeah, I'm just playing this to get to the ending everyone's been raving about. But I don't know if I'm experiencing a hell of a lot of build up towards something, or simply experiencing a whole lot of nothing in this game.

Elizabeth? Well, she's good for giving me money and healing...and that's about it. Uh, I thought there was supposed to be some sort of OMG INCREDIBLE tech under the hood of this A.I., but I'm not seeing it at all. She never gets stuck. Sure, that's because she teleports all over the place anyway. I don't mind that. But I'm still waiting for her to do *something* I haven't seen other characters in other games do.

If anything, this game DESPERATELY needs cutscenes. It's focusing so much on emergent gameplay that it feels like nothing is happening half the time. Go here, shoot those goons. Rinse. Repeat. I got nothing against shooters but this game is just really a shooter from 1999 (literally, like the free bonus mode you can unlock). It just has this 'I am an old game' feel to it.

I don't know. Bioshock had something special. I think it was the mystery behind everything. For this game, if there is a mystery well, it doesn't feel obvious yet. And whatever weirdness is going on like that whole teleporting through three worlds nonsense doesn't feel that "compelling" (Everyone's favorite word in the gaming industry...)

I'm at Emporia now. Still waiting if there's going to be a "Will You Kindly" kind of moment. If it didn't have that expectation as a crutch, would this be a good game? Actually, i still don't think so. It's a room to room shooter which gives you an overacting assistant. Tomb Raider and DmC were far more entertaining, at least as far as 2013 releases go.

One last thing. I really hate it when Elizabeth says, "Oh, a lockpick!", then I spend the next fifteen minutes looking for the goddamned lockpick. Argh. It's those little things, did all the reviewers miss these bugs or is Rockstar really good at sending strippers to their houses? I'm getting the same feeling I got when I fired up Red Dead Redemption and expected the greatest game of all time...only to be faced with lots of brown, boring deserts and dull NPCs.