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This is not an ad...but SMART has some ridiculous phone deals right now

So yesterday we were just casually browsing at SMART SM Megamall, they have this store called 'JUMP' that has all the nice smartphones on display for people to try out. We were approached by this salesman and he does his usual sales pitch. Of course I was thinking...well, give the guy a chance. Actually, we were in SMART yesterday because occassionally we've been annoyed by our phone connectivity issues with Globe Telecom. SMART trashes Globe a lot on the radio with their advertisements, but I can't say they aren't accurate. Every time I call my wife I have to say "CAN YOU HEAR ME?" over and over, at the beginning of the call. For some reason our voices get so badly distorted....and this is a problem that has never happened before. I recall for many years Globe's service was okay; we don't really think about it when there's a dropped call or delayed message here-and-there. But lately, it has become so bad that I never end a conversation with my wife without thinking, maybe we should try the other carrier.

Bah, I sound like one of those paid radio ads trashing Globe now! SMART, send me money!

Anyway, so I was there getting the usual sales pitch from the sales guy at SMART, and I was going over their list of phones. I saw something that caught my eye, something that I thought must have been a ridiculous typo.

(If you're not Filipino, you might not be impressed by stop wasting your time now)

Take a look at this:

Now, the guy was showing me this list of phone prices on his tablet PC, and one of the prices was the SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS for PHP 2,500.

Yes, PHP 2,500.

So my jaw dropped to the floor. HARD.

I asked the guy twice, is this some kind of joke? Are you really selling this phone at 2,500? And the guy said no. We went to the clerk and she pulled up some announcement page on her computer, and yes, the Galaxy Nexus was indeed for sale at 2,500 for Plan 800, and 3,500 for Plan 500.

The phone normally retails for 20k in Greenhills' tiangge areas, and you have to haggle and pray that you don't get a dud.

This was a BRAND NEW unit. Sure, it's carrier locked. But still...this was Google's flagship phone last year. Right before they introduced the Galaxy S III! For 2,500 bucks?! You mean it's cheaper than the lowest-end Android Cherry Mobile phone?

Considering we were already THINKING about switching to Smart because of our troubles, we didn't really hesitate much in making our decision. Originally we planned to pick it up next week. But then we realized that this deal is just too good to be true....the deal of the century!

We went back to Jump again and they suggested to have our billing statements reprinted at Globe, which was right beside their office. Originally we thought of the hassle of picking up all our documents and making preparations; it turns out you can just go to Globe's retail store right beside Smart and outright ask them to reprint your billing statements. So it was just too easy to switch! Well, other than the hassle of filling out forms....but in the end....when you can score a 20k phone for 2.5k, you just have to get it!

It was a really nice stroke of good luck :) Maybe that deal is still there....go to JUMP at SM Megamall, they might run out of inexpensive Galaxy Nexus phones! Other awesome deals we saw there for Postpaid 800

HTC Sensation 1.5k (though they said they ran out na)
HTC Sensation XE with Beats - 7.8k

Prices are about 1k more expensive if you get plan 500.

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