Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Where is Gaming Now?

So, a lot of gamers are playing Diablo III right now. I gave the Diablo III 'demo', which came out a few weeks ago, a test run and honestly the gameplay wasn't really that compelling. It felt like a graphically updated version of Diablo II and not much else. I'm not sure if the first part in the demo is also the first part in the full game, but it felt severely lacking in exposition. The old adage 'Here's a big sword, now go kill something' was pretty much Diablo III, at the very least that was my experience with the 'demo'.

Maybe I'll try it someday. I just don't feel like spending 3,000+ pesos on it right now.

Where is gaming now? I don't really feel any huge interest in any upcoming games. There's Halo 4, sure, but that project feels like a cash-in more than anything, with Bungie giving up on it and basically Microsoft just pushing it so they're guaranteed some money come Christmas-time. There was Street Fighter X Tekken which held my interest for a while, but with all the controversies, the DLC thing, the bugs and the lack of real character balancing....I stopped playing it recently. Which kinda sucks because I just bought an arcade stick a few months ago. Oh well...maybe the fighting game thing is about to die down again.

There's League of Legends, which my brother-in-law says is a good game. Maybe I'll try that.

I've been playing on my phone a lot. These new smartphones are fantastic....they really pack a serious punch and it makes you wonder WHY you should buy any portable from a major console developer. Games are ZERO dollars at times, and with my working schedule sometimes it's all I can play.

I do wish there'd be a big game soon. Right now there just isn't anything to look forward to. So back to Temple Run and 'The Dark Meadow' on ICS....