Saturday, March 24, 2012

Using Globe DSL? Playing Street Fighter X Tekken? Make a JP PSN Account!

So out of curiosity I made a Japanese PSN account. In sfxtk matchmaking I noticed that, most of the time, players in Japan appear with yellow or green bars. Every other game had 0 to 1 bar. I was getting annoyed sitting there waiting for games on the Ranked Match screen half the I guess this was worth a try....

Making a Japanese PSN account was easy...the form fields are almost the same as the others, and the postal code had no validation so I just put in a lot of 1's. When I looked for games in Endless Battle, all the games that appeared had yellow bars! I was able to play a lot of practically lag free games thanks to this!

Some other positives:
- spectator mode works!
- ranked match fight request occurs very often
-fewer rollbacks

This is on a 2mbps Globe connection.

So if you're on Globe Telecom DSL and are loathing the fact that you always get laggy games from the USA, try making a JP account. The net code really shines on good connections!

I'm on PSN as takeshicastle227....if you're also on Globe, send me an invite.

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