Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Super Street Fighter 4 Impressions

After a few days of play, here's what I thought....

1. I realized that Ken seems to have gotten screwed again with his new Ultra. It seems useless since you can just sit underneath it and not even get chip damage....poor guy.

2. Ryu's Medium dragon punch prevents trading hits, and hits twice! Yay!

3. Guile's sonic boom does charge faster, but it seems harder to combo for me from low punch - medium punch to sonic boom consistently. It's easier to combo M.Bison's scissor kick from low or medium kicks.

4. Juri is the most interesting new character in this game (in terms of moveset and potential). Too bad her voiceover is horrific! (I should switch it to Japanese --- is it any better?)

5. Is it just me, or has everyone forgotten about the last four 'new' characters, Abel, Rufus, C.Viper and , what's his name again? El Fuerte? I dunno, I just don't feel like using them in SSF4 for no apparent reason....just IMHO

6. Saving replays automatically = win! Being unable to save local match replays -

7. The netcode really did get better, but if the connection between you and another player is bad, it goes back to SF4 quality. The thing is, that seems to happen less with SSF4. Or maybe this is the release period of the game, and there really are a lot of players for now.

8. Just finished a few characters but early on it seems that NOTHING is going to happen with the story. This is a straight-up competitive game; don't expect any quality with the plot.

They did slightly improve the anime art in the intro and endings for the characters....

9. Not bad for a 40$ / 1,600 peso game! On that alone, and given all the features we get, this game is an 11/10!

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